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  • Bob Weatherford

Is Summer Over??

No.... We still have 100 degree temperatures coming this week which means your HVAC will still be working hard to keep you and your family cool. If you need service call Diamond Heating and Air at 916-740-2663. At Diamond Heating and Air we believe in Repair don't replace if you can. Let Diamond Heating and Air keep your Heating and Air Conditioning running for as long as possible. Your comfort is our #1 Goal!

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No Summer is not over. Don't let these below average temperatures fool you. Next week we will be hitting 100 degrees and higher. If you need service on your HVAC don't hesitate to call us at 916-740

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Apr 01

Are you preparing for scorching temperatures, Don't let your HVAC struggle alone. Look for a reliable expert who can do the best AC Repair in Riviera Beach. As, they can prioritize repairs over replacements, extending the lifespan of your unit. So, look for a trustworthy expert who can help to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long

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