Energy Upgrades

Energy Upgrades

Diamond Heating and Air is proud to team with SMUD, PG&E and Roseville Electric on their Home Performance Rebate programs.  

Our goal is to make you and your family more comfortable in your home while creating a healthier environment and saving energy which in turn saves you money.

Q: What is Home Performance?

A systematic approach to improve the energy efficiency and living conditions of a home:

  • Home performance contractors analyze a house "as a system" so that individual home improvements work in tandem with each other
  • Home performance contractors are specially trained to Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards to maximize performance and ensure the home's comfort and safety
  • Home performance contrators use specialized equipment to gather data from the house before and after the project to measure how much improvement has occurred

The Home Performance Contrator

What's going on in the house?

  • Uneven temperatures, drafts, moisture, mold, mildew, poor indoor air quality, premature deterioration of building materials, high energy bills

What usually happens without an HPP contractor?

  • A regular contractor treats one problem at a time (e.g., installing a larger air conditioner) without recognizing the multiple reasons for the problems

What does an HPP contractor do?

  • The well-trained home performance contractor performs a comprehensive whole-home assessment to find all the problems, then prioritizes improvements to make systems in the house (e.g., HVAC, ductwork, insulation) function together to improve living conditions —the whole is more than the sum of its parts!

Building Performance Institute (BPI) 

BPI is a nationally recognized independent nonprofit organization that promotes home comfort, health, safety, durability, and energy efficiency ( 

  • Develops and promotes national standards to standardize home improvements based on building science 
  • Tests individuals and provides certifications and accreditations for individuals and contracting companies in the whole house home performance industry 
  • Develops and implements quality assurance programs to ensure that work conforms to BPI standards 
  • All work performed as part of the HPP (Home Performance Program) must adhere to all appropriate BPI standards 

Glance at BPI Standards/Issues (1)

Combustion Safety Testing

  • Are gas-fired appliances vented properly?


  • Where does the air in the living space of the house come from, and how healthy is it?

Distribution Efficiency

  • Are living spaces throughout the house uniformly comfortable?


  •  What level of insulation, and where is it installed? 

Glance at BPI Standards/Issues (2) 


  • Is the system "right-sized " and is the ductwork laid out and constructed to promote as much efficiency as possible?

Structural Shell Standards

  • When is air sealing required?
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